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Re: Need help on what to do next please

Posted by sleepy-in-seattle on April 04, 2006 at 08:46:55:

In Reply to: Need help on what to do next please posted by eyeswideopen on April 04, 2006 at 00:47:18:


Sorry to hear of your situation and I remember when you first posted last year.

It sounds like you've learned more but haven't found sufficient help yet.

I did not go to Stanford, as there is a small core of sleep disorder-aware practitioners in Seattle, and a top-notch orthognathic surgeon (who did my MMA+GA). So I have no personal experience.

But... the feedback I've read here is that the Stanford folks will give you a thorough diagnosis. If they do not think you are an MMa candidate, or that there are some mitigating circumstances, they will say so.

You are absolutely correct to seek a doctor who has experience with sleep apnea. Your surgeon may be good, but you need more info that he can't provide.

If your sleep test indicates upper airway resistance, then the MMA may not have the best chance for success. You need a proper diagnosis.

If you fly to Stanford, it would seem with careful planning you could keep the costs 3-4K USD tops.

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