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Night sweats legs only

Posted by Hannu on July 03, 2003 at 06:01:52:

I am having regular night sweating of my legs only. Sometimes the sweating is all over the legs. Sometimes just where my two legs are in contact with each other. It is weird-- I need a blanket over my upper body or I get cold, yet my legs are sweating even when they are uncovered. In hindsight, I think I have become progressively more heat intolerate at night over the past several years. Three years ago I noticed while camping that my upper body was comfortable or slightly chilly in my down sleeping bag but my legs were sweating. During the day I am not overly inclined to sweat. However, I have noticed a tendency to sweat slightly around the eyes when I wear glasses, so I have switched to contacts. And I tend to be quite comfortable in a tshirt and shorts even in the upper 50s.

I am on Paxil, Lotensin HCT, and Nexium. I had a sleep test two weeks ago to look for OSA. Result was negative for apnea. However I had some limb movements that could indicate Restless Leg Syndrome, though the tester did not feel that the limb movements disrupted my sleep.

Thanks for the help.


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Archived Rest Forum10 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Rest Forum Homepage

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