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Forum Registration Information
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As the forums grew more popular, the number of posting needing to be monitored increased and the number of people posting, that wanted to cause trouble, also increased. So the decision had to be made. Either close the forums or the forum format had to change. I chose to change the format.

The biggest change is registration. You may view messages without registering, everyone can view postings, but making a post now requires that you register first. During registration you will enter the name you want to use on your post. It can not be changed when posting so don't use your real name. Pick your old handle or a new one. You must enter your e-mail address so your password can be sent to you. Your email address will remain safe. The password will be 6 numbers.

What I have added is more security for you and help for us with keeping the forums the quality they have been known for. Now when you post you enter your e-mail address and password. The same as you entered on the registration forum. You have the option of receiving a e-mail response when someone has posted a follow-up to your message by checking a box to ask for it. If you enter your e-mail and password correctly your message will be posted. The posting will not contain your e-mail address so your privacy will be protected there. Your name or handle that you chose will be automatically entered for you.

I have also added the ability to display as many days back as you want. The default is 7 but you can change it to 2, 4, etc.

With this system I am able to monitor who is posting what and if someone is not following the goals or continue to violate the terms of use they will be banned from further posting.

I will come up with a more detailed policy for banning, which can be temporary, depending on the situation.

Information will continue to be added to this page so keep checking back.