Pressure on body while sleeping
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Pressure on body while sleeping

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Posted by Usertika on January 21, 2008 at 10:52:46:

I had an experience when I was about 11 years old (I'm 28 now)that has plagued me for years. I won't tell the whole story since I feel that if someone else has heard of/or experienced this themselves, they will be able to share and hopefully assist me in one of my life-long questions.

Laying in bed, I awoke to an unbelievable pressure over my entire body. So much so, that it felt as if i was being pulled through the mattress from head to toe. The crushing pain over my chest was most memorable. It felt as if my ribs were about to snap, and it was painful.

I couldn't move or speak. I was trying to cry out for help to my parents, but only squeeky whimpers would come out. Feeling pinned down, all I could do was open my eyes.

Looking to the ceiling I saw a dark shadow figure looking down at me. There was a distance of about 1 foot between my headboard and my closet. He was standing in this space, with his back to the closet, looking down at me. I thought it was my father leaving for work, so I didn't get scared. He leaned down and kissed me on the forehead, but the kiss was one long hard pressure, like the feeling over my body.

The kiss pushed my head deeper into the pillow. At some point I was able to get out of my room. I ran to my parent's bedroon, banging on the door and my father answered. I had obviously just woken him up out of his sleep so it wasn't him in my room. I'm not sure to this day what kind of sleeping disorder could cause these wild illusions...

The rest I won't tell, unless there is someone who can help me identify with the experience further. I experienced the paralysis more over the years, but the figure never returned, nor did the painful crushing feeling. Much appreciated, Crystal

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