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Re: Bright light makes me sleepy

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Posted by nemuko on August 12, 2009 at 02:39:52:

In Reply to: Bright light makes me sleepy posted by timrek on June 08, 2009 at 14:50:53:

Hi Timrek,

Sorry to hear about your vison problems. As I have some trouble with my vision (no vision loss though) I started searching for people with similar problems. Bright lights, mainly halogene and fluorescent especially in the presence of any reflective objects makes me feel weird. I start having balance problems, feel chilly and slowed down.
I seem to have a strange need to put my hands over my face, close my eyes and rub my face.
Also I want to close my eyes even when there are no bright lights. A cloudy sky with strong reflection can make me squint as well.
I have had a few times missing a part of my vision in the middle of my eyes. It looked like a black transparent circular spot with a light cirle around it. Also the colours were shaded. This lasts usually about 10-15 minutes. Sounds familiar?
I recognise the sleep problem as well. I would sit down and a few hours later wake up, without having had the intention to go asleep. Rather than falling alseep it felt like loosing consciousness slowly (but to fast to stop it) and when waking up like regaining consiousness slowly, often feeling a pounding beat in my legs sometimes feeling really heavy as well. Do you recognise this at all?
I used to sleep 16 hours a day average, not being able to wake up. Now I have provigil which really makes a huge difference and now I don't struggle getting up in the morning anymore.
Btw, I had sarcoidosis a few years back, but never felt recovered from it. Small fiber neuropathy seems to be a bit of an issue.
I now enjoy the fact that I wake up and that I am able to think again since the provigil. I use sunglasses a lot indoor and outdoor, stay out of the heat and never take warm/hot showers anymore.
In short,I avoid all the suspected triggers and do the things that make me feel good like eat healthy,no more cardiosports, no films with flashing lights, strange depth effects etc.
Although I never made the connection between light and sleep myself, reading your message and thinking through my experiences of the past years I think it is very well possible there is a link.

Thanks for posting your message. It helps me trying to figure out what is happening, what to do about it and truthfully, sharing the experience feels like a bit of support.

Hope you feel good.

kind regards,

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