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Unable to wake up

Posted by Jennifer on May 02, 2000 at 16:29:58:

I am 36 years old and the oldest of five children and have had a severe problem with the inability to wake up to anything. Over the last couple of years the problem has gotten a little better. Now I am concerned about one of my sisters who is 27 years old and her 10 year old daughter. Last night we talked on the phone for quite some time, much later than we should have, and I told her I would call in the morning to make sure she was up. I began calling at 6:20 a.m. in her time zone which was 5:20 in mine. I called non stop until she finally answered 1 1/2 hours later. We have tried all the tricks we can think of, multiple alarm clocks set for different times, programming the phone to call at three different times for a reminder (available in her area) but nothing works for us. The only reason I am doing so well right now, in my opinion, is because my boyfriend and I live together and he does wake up.

I am wondering if this is a valid sleep disorder or if we have somehow trained ourselves to sleep through anything. As children, our home life was extremely disfunctional. Our mother would scream and yell every morning over anything, mostly looking for her comb or something really important like that. My sister has been in therapy since January for other issues regarding our mother and has been going to assertiveness classes, etc. Does anyone have any ideas about what we can do or if this would be considered a "sleep disorder." I guess I should mention also that our father was a very sound sleeper and hard to wake but nothing like we are. Thanks for any advise you have.

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