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Do I have a sleep addiction?

Posted by SueM on May 28, 2000 at 18:20:32:

I have what I think might be a sleep addiction. I am in recovery for another addiction, and I see so many similarities that I think I am addicted to sleep! Of course I realize that everyone in the world is sleep dependant, but I think where my problem lies is that I sleep excessively when I am having trouble dealing with some aspect of my life. I sleep to avoid my life temporarily. I have been to sleep specialists, as well as many other health care providers, and have had no significant results. I do not take any drugs of any kind, so treatment that has been offered to me so far (I did take prescription meds at the time) is no longer an option.

So.... what I'm thinking of doing is starting a 12-step program to help me and others recover from "sleep addiction". To do this I need at least one other person to work with.... one other person who thinks they might have sleep addiction, and who has a desire to stop oversleeping.

Anyone interested? Anyone ever heard of sleep addiction? Any information on sleep disorders, ideas, thoughts and feelings on this subject are very welcomed!!!


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