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Exploding Head Syndrome

Posted by nutra on January 24, 2001 at 09:25:17:

I small group of us have recently started talking about this on another forum when I firts posted about my experiences with it. Soemoen pointed us here, but I was not able to find anyone discussing this here.

Is this an issue with any of you?

Here is a description of the problem:

Patients with this syndrome report hearing loud explosion-like noises as they are falling asleep (2). Many report seeing flashes of light or having difficulty breathing. They may have epigastric or precordial sensations. Electric feelings "ascending from the abdomen to the head, to be followed by a violent explosion," have been reported (3).

I experienced all this except the lights and diffiuclty breathing or the epigastric, precordial feelings, since I was young - some says it mainly happens in older people.

But you sure do feel wierd when you wake up, it feels like you have had night terror! And it happens as you are just falling asleep.

Are there many here that experience this and why can't I find any information here about it?

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Archived Rest Forum4 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Rest Forum Homepage

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