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3 crew, 24/7 - 8 or 12 hr set shift schedules

Posted by John on November 10, 2001 at 09:25:03:

In Reply to: 3shift, 24/7 - 8 or 12 hr set schedule please ! posted by John on November 09, 2001 at 09:19:51:

Let me rephrase this, I'm looking for a 3 work crew shift schedule for 8 or 12 hour set shifts or a variation of a set shift and and relief crew. I know this can be accomplished with 4 crews but I'm not sure about 3. This is for a bussiness that operates 24/7. I'm an oil refinery worker, and when I first started working there we worked a 3 shift,
7 days, 6 swings, 7 graves, 8 hour rotation. The longest amount of days off (4) was after graves, and only got one weekend off a month. The rotation was more gradual but
adjusting your sleep patterns and getting quality time with friends and family were difficult if not impossible for some.
A few years ago we voted to change to a 3 shift, 12 hour,
3-4 4-3 rotation, ( only working days and graves -no swings). We now have 2 weekends off a month and our longest time off is ( 7 days ) after graves. So on an average we work 14 days a month. Sounds nice but the rotation from days to graves is much quicker and even tougher to adjust your sleep patterns. Unfortunately, because of the 12 hour shifts you have absolutely no social or home life the days you work.
Those 7 days off sure are nice though !
I would be real interested in seeing an 8 or 12 hour set shift schedule to compare notes. Rotating shifts are just plain unhealthy physically and mentally.
Constantly trying to adjusting your sleep patterns and never having the same days off from week to week assures that you will never have a normal relationship with your family or your friends. Think long and hard before considering rotating shifts.
Please, if you could, send me all the information you can regarding any 8 or 12 hour set shift schedule that you know of or can think of , rotating shifts really suck !
Thank, John

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Archived Shift Work Forum2 viewing only. To post a new topic go to the Shift Work Forum Homepage.
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