Polysomnography Training Program in Virgina Beach, Virginia
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Polysomnography Training Program in Virgina Beach, Virginia

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Posted by Cory G. Arnold on February 24, 2005 at 11:32:18:

I have been approached by several companies, academic institutions, hospitals, and individuals about starting a polysomnography training program. There are two tracks we are looking at a one year certificate program for health/allied health professionals holding other independent credentials. And a two year associates degree program for those without health care experience or credentials. As it stands we are leaning towards only accepting those with an associates degree and strong preference for a bachelors degree. This is due to the overwhelming interest of people wishing to fill the limited number of proposed seats. The course will consist of didactic and clinical work and likely be taught in Virginia Beach, VA. You would be eligible to sit the BRPT exam upon graduation. There is tremendous local interest in the program, however I am trying to see if there is a regional or national interest in this or similar programs. Specific concerns are would you come to Virgina Beach to attend a polysomnography training program and what do you feel is a fair tuition rate per year?

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